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17 February, 2017

If you’re like most medical professionals, your focus is not to become medical web experts, but you would like to increase the site visibility of your medical websites and your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) organically. Simply put, you’re not willing to pay for clicks, but would rather focus on boosting your medical websites SEO by posting relevant content that your target audience will actually read, and engage with.

In lieu of becoming Medical Web Experts, a Blog will be your absolute best friend.

Blogging is a BIG deal for medical professionals! Most marketers state their blog is the most important asset for their Internet marketing. It is like the hub; everything centers around it from content marketing, to growing their email list, to follower engagement. As a medical professional, a blog is essential for building the presence of your medical websites, reaching your target audience and boosting your Medical SEO.

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#1 Give a Personal Touch to Your Medical Brand

The content ideas are endless when it comes to creating messages that speak to your clients. Sharing topics that interests your patients shows the human-side to your practice and allows them to get to know, like, and trust you!

#2 Boost Your Search Engine Traffic

The more you blog, the better chance you’ll rank for keywords and be found in the search engines. Actually, blogs tend to do well with platforms like Google and Bing because of its frequent updates, specific topics, and the ability to link other sites. Check out some these organic SEO tips that will work well in boosting your blog posts.

#3 Build Credibility & Authority

Blogs have been ranked as one of the most trusted source for online accurate information. By having one, you position your medical brand as an authority and expert in your niche. Every business wants to be that “go-to” source!

#4 Educate & Engage with Your Clients

The ability to connect with your patients is truly a major benefit of blogging. You see, not only do you get to share valuable tips that can improve health, but your clients get to interact with your content by commenting and/or sharing it on their social media sites…giving you added exposure!

#5 Show the World What It’s Like to be a Doctor!

This is a fun one! Some doctors use their blogging platforms to share their experiences in the medical field. What an awesome way to give your patients insight into what it’s really like to be a physician. Not only is this inspiring, but reveals your passion about the achieving healing for the human body!

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