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28 January, 2017

But, don’t make the mistake other medical providers have made by contacting a website developer that does not understand the medical industry!

An Urgent Center website must meet specific criteria in order to satisfy the needs of the patient population they are looking to serve. To achieve this, it is critical that you leverage the experience and understanding of a medical website company that understands patient engagement, and will help drive valuable traffic to your location.

Following are the top five features an Urgent Care center website must have in order to remain competitive and attract new patients

  1. Optimized for Mobile – We already know that over 50% of all searches are on mobile devices, and if someone is looking for Urgent Care, chances are, they’re on their way to see you. Make it easy by offering one-click call and one-click navigation.
  2. Time to see a Doctor – Many of the top EHR (Electronic Health Records) and Practice management systems have a plug-in for your website that displays the time to see a Doctor. Maintaining fast turnaround time with efficient EHR documentation, and publishing this information will give new patients comfort in visiting your practice.
  3. Search Engine Optimization – Optimizing your Urgent Care Website for location, injuries treated, efficiency and “Why Us” are critical when patients are quickly trying to determine where to seek healthcare services.
  4. Clean and Simple – A majority of new patients visiting your site are looking for a very specific information, and most are probably not feeling very well. Make this process easy and intuitive and you’ll see them in your waiting room.
  5. Online Check-in – Are you looking to secure that appointment? Offer new patients the ability to check-in and fill in required forms before ever coming to the office. This gives you greater visibility to the number of patients in your waiting room, and will significantly decrease the time patients spend in your office.
  6. Bonus! – Be ready to adapt! Google constantly updates it’s search algorithm, and like any other business, your Urgent care center must be ready to adopt new technologies and methods for driving traffic to your site.

With the competitive landscape for Urgent Care centers growing, it’s important to have a significant online presence that’s ready to answer the specific questions your new patients are asking.

If your Urgent Care website does not meet the above requirements, it may be time to consider an update. DevMedics has been building Medical websites and helping medical providers optimize their websites for SEO for over 12 years. Contact us today for a full evaluation and complimentary website quote today.

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