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3 March, 2017

If you’re like most medical practices, the Marketing goal is simple: have a clean, clear and precise web presence where relevant patients can easily find you and contact you. You would like First Page Organic ranking for keywords specific to the Providers in your office and your practice. And most of all, you don’t want to worry about managing the website or thinking about new marketing campaigns for your practice.

Due to the rising awareness of the impact an effective SEO site can have on a medical practice, Medical Marketing has quickly grown as a specialized field specifically serving healthcare providers. In fact, most physicians are factoring a marketing budget increase over 2015.

Marketing in healthcare is no longer stigmatized as long as the marketing message is true, accurate, and ethical.’ Case Study: The American Marketing Association.

The real question, Is there a ROI for an ongoing marketing expense for my practice? Many practices will spend an enormous amount of time and money working with an agency, only to find out their guidance was minimal at best, and the costs were higher than expected.

Let’s look at the specific function of a Medical Marketing Agency, to see where the value is, and find out if these tasks are something you can do by yourself.

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Define Target Audience

One of the main functions of a any Marketing Agency is to help clients define the target audience and what buying signals they will provide, but also the tactical implementation of the initiatives that will attract the intended target. As a medical professional, you have a clearly defined target patient.

Where are your patients socially? Understanding where your patients go to find information and by what means they search for them, can ensure that your positioning yourself in the right places. Building and maintaining an active Facebook (or any Social Media channel of your choice) conversation with current and future patients is a great way to build additional for your target audience.

SEO Improvements

The key to SEO is getting found for the specific keywords and locations you choose to get found for. Ranking on the first page for specific keywords relating to your business, location, physicians, specialty and the services you offer, should all be Organic Top Placement.

Part of this job requires the agency to embed your website with all key details about your practice and the services your practice offers to make sure Google recognizes your site as relevant and up-to-date. This applies to each page, post and public listing.

Ensuring a consistent listing across all aggregating sites, such as foursquare, Yelp and Google Plus, ensures that your patients can find you, and you rank high organically. In fact, Google checks over 25 separate listings and if the find discrepancies in the local listings, they assume that the business is not managed well, and will lose ranking quickly.

The importance of a blog

An active blog tells the search engines that your business is active, you have something relevant to say and allows it to rank organically on the keywords you choose to rank for. If your site sits dormant for long periods of time, google stops looking at you. The more you write, the more relevant your site becomes to Google, and the higher you will rank organically for the keywords in your blog post.

When choosing a topic, think about your ideal patient, and what they would like to know. You may have volumes to write. Keep in mind, the average blog post is around 700 words. If you have a broad subject, break it down into smaller pieces and publish the content over time.

Active Social Networks and Local Setting

Think of your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, as a loudspeaker for your practice. Building a following makes good business sense, and should be someone’s role within your organization. Amplify your message by sharing it with your friends, and allow them to share. The sharing aspect of social networks allow for relevant content to go viral. Spend some time on your blog and it will pay handsome dividends.

As a result of the specific services most medical providers are looking for, working with an agency that specifically focuses on Medical Marketing makes perfect sense. But, be careful. Many Marketing Agencies bill prohibitive rates and simply price themselves out of consideration.

At DevMedics, we help providers gain Top of the Page Organic page ranking by building award winning websites that invite engagement with relevant, easy to navigate tools. We help shape an SEO strategy that adds value without taking time to manage. At a fraction of the cost of most Medical Marketing Agencies, DevMedics wants to be your partner for Patient Engagement.





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