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2 March, 2017

Organically ranking high on Google for your medical website can seem like a daunting task, especially given that Google adjusts their criteria 500 – 600 times a year. Sometimes minor adjustments to the site can make drastic changes to search results for your Medical Practice.

In order for your patients to find you, and book appointments with you, a focus on measuring your Medical SEO and determine which changes may need to be made to improve your on-line presence so your medical website ranks high organically.

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1. Peek Behind the SEO Curtain

As outlined by Google, hidden deep in the code of your website, lurks all kinds of things Google looks at to rank your site and have a huge impact on your SEO.

Following are key features that affect Medical SEO:

  1. Page tags, meta tags, directory structure, XML site map anchor text, and image alt attributes.
  2. Keywords are defined and built into the makeup of Landing pages, content strategy and images.
  3. Geographic location and local reviews, as recommended by the Medical Marketing Association

Contact your webmaster to review each of these hidden spots to make sure they are consistent with the goals of your medical website.

2. Mobile, Mobile and Mobile

Did I mention mobile? In the same article mentioned above by The American Marketing Association recently reported that having a mobile-friendly site would be one of the top factors to increase your Medical Practice website SEO, and get it to rank high organically.

It’s little wonder since mobile has surpassed desktop for the number of searches. But you don’t need surveys to tell you that. Just glance into your waiting room and see how many people have their nose in a smartphone.

3. Focus on Your Audience to drive Organic SEO

First, identify your ideal patient, the one you would like to find on-line. Next focus on the information your ideal patient is looking for? What specific problems do they have that need to be solved? What resources are available that would better drive patients to your website organically.

As important as these three points are, SEO is never just one thing. Building a reputation on-line takes time and commitment. Establishing yourself as a thought leader and driving organic traffic to your medical practice website is the ultimate goal for some, while simply having a modern, mobile and SEO optimized website is the goal for others. Either way, follow these easy steps to increase the Medical SEO value of your medical practice website.

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