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6 March, 2017

In the ever growing quest of attracting more of the right patients to your practice, providers are now being drawn into best practices for medical practice marketing and getting found online. While fifty years ago it might have been sufficient to simply hang a sign on your shingle and serve the patients who came to you, today’s best marketing inevitably involves creating an online presence that actively attracts potential patients and engages with established ones.

According to the Pew Research Center, more than 70% of adults go online to find information about their health concerns, and researching potential physicians is one of the top searches.

In order to be effective, medical practice marketing must be intentional and provide measurable results, while also being manageable. Following are some points to consider as you explore the best way to market your medical practice.

Outbound Medical Practice Marketing

Also referred to as ‘paid advertising’, outbound marketing is your paid voice you deliver to a specific targeted audience. These are great introductions and cover everything from magazine advertisements, sponsorship of events, Billboards, plus facebook, linkedin and other social media spends. Be sure to include a tracking system to determine the return on your investment.

One key piece of advice, rather than simply throwing money at a particular ad campaign, first take the time to define your ideal patient population and put in place a way to track how many new patients engage further as a direct result of a given campaign.

Inbound Medical Practice Marketing

If paid advertising is your introduction, inbound marketing is your conversationConversations with current or potential patients need to be established long before a patient arrives at your office. The very best way to do that is to maintain a professional website with a frequently updated blog that invites interaction.

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Get the most out of your Blog

A clearly defined Marketing strategy for blog content will elevate you and your practice as a “Thought Leader”. Patients that deem your practice an authority in your specialty will result in eager referrals and increased specialization. Patients also rely heavily on reviews to help in their choice of a physician, and online reviews by current patients are seen as just as effective as an in-person recommendation; your blog is the perfect platform to encourage interaction from current patients that will help attract new ones.

What is the best way to market your medical practice?

A blend of outgoing marketing – paid advertising as your introduction – and incoming marketing – your website and blog as your conversation. According to a recent Harris Poll, the majority of patients are eager to engage with their healthcare providers online, While medical practice marketing may not have been on your radar before, it is now an essential part of running a successful practice and is an ideal way to tie in ROI to the changing meaningful use requirements. Contact us today to explore how we can help.

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