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27 February, 2017

In the $14B Plastic Surgery industry, having the Best Plastic Surgery Website Design is one sure way to differentiate yourself and attract the right patients. In this digital age, consumers are spending time researching the best plastic surgeon to meet their needs, and your website is the first and most important snapshot they’ll have about you, and what you offer.

But there’s more to optimally marketing your plastic surgery practice than simply throwing up a website. Best practices for plastic surgery website design includes both the front-end – what a consumer sees and interacts with on your site – and the back-end – what a search engine sees and responds to. Website design best practices must include both in order be effective.

How the best Plastic Surgery Websites maximize the site’s invisible back-end communication with search engines. Its called “metadata”: the language translation interface between your website’s content and the complex algorithms of Google and other search engines. Any good website design must include appropriate metadata.

  • Specific, Keyword Optimized, Metadata. From simple title tags to meta descriptions for images, how your metadata is set up will mean the difference between being found quickly, and ending up in obscurity on page 297 of Google search.
  • Authorship. A simple but powerful way to help your website stand out is to include authorship and publisher meta tags. According to Search Engine Watch, when done correctly this “puts your face in the search results next to content you’ve created”, adding a powerful personal aspect to your messaging.
  • Titles. It sounds basic, and it is. The page title, URL and content on your webpage must align with a specific keyword you’re looking to rank for on that specific page. Google looks for natural language, so no cheating.

How the best Plastic Surgery Websites maximize the site’s visible front-end engagement with patients. Whether you have a solo plastic surgery practice or are part of a large group, there are a few must-have’s for your visible website structure in order to remain competitive.

  • Professional Photography – Original, fresh photography and content, placed in the right places, will draw potential clients to you.
  • Educational content – It is essential that you establish and maintain your professional position by creating perceived value beyond surgery scheduling. Don’t settle for a website that only announces who you are; instead, provide real value by regularly publishing plastic surgery content that your audience will resonate with.
  • Patient reminders and online bill pay. Plastic surgeons continue to grapple with finding the most effective ways to streamline office processes and increase timely compensation. With more than a third of plastic surgeons working in a cash-only environment, incorporating a secure user-friendly and HIPAA-compliant online bill pay and patient reminders system is essential.
  • Responsive Design. Let’s face it, we’re never more than an arms reach from our mobile phone. Having a Responsive design website simply means that the user experience is better because the website automatically responds to smaller or larger screen sizes. Additionally,

Google will discount your company, and negatively affect your Organic SEO if your website is non-responsive.

Plastic surgeons today are competing not only with local professionals, but also with international surgeons who market exclusively via their dynamic web presence. In order to remain competitive, plastic surgery website design best practices must include both back- and front-end optimization.

DevMedics utilizes all the modern tools available to maximize your practices Organic ranking and ensure your Online presence is as the office experience. With all of the products and services you need to maximize your online presence, DevMedics can assist you in offering an engaging and effective patient experience. Contact us to see if there is an opportunity to help your practice.

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