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28 February, 2017

Are you worried about maintaining enough patients? Are you concerned that one day you will come in to the practice and your schedule will be empty? Perhaps your practice is newly opened and you are struggling to build up your schedule.

Here at DevMedics, we offer quite a bit of information about online marketing – it’s what we do. But there is more to marketing your practice than just having  a website.  Here is a list of 10 things you can do to effectively market your medical practice:

  1. Have a professional website (See what we did there?), a well-written blog and an active social media presence. A practice absolutely needs a social media presence and strategy to remain current and relevant. Post on social media, such as Facebook and Google Plus optimally 1 day a week (minimum 3 days a week) and Twitter as well, if not more often.
  2. Be active in your local community. Visit trade shows, go to health fairs, sporting events and anywhere else that allows vendors to set up a booth where your key demographic is gathered. If you’re a pediatrician, look for kids’ events in your local area. Sports Medicine? Spring Training just started! Get out there and be seen.
  3. Donate a physical, consultation or cosmetic service to a local charity auction. This will not only show that you’re willing to give back to the community, but this will help by having your name displayed and advertised by the charity organization and will be seen by all participants of said auction. It helps if you can find an organization that matches your target audience.
  4. Host an open house event (with refreshments and door prizes) at your new practice, and spread the word with the local community and provide advance notice ahead of time. Invite the public, colleagues and referral coordinators from practices, clinics and hospitals in your local area. Urgent Care center referral coordinators are great as there are so many of them popping up all around the US.
  5. Make yourself known as an expert in your field. Let the local and national news centers as well as online and print publications know that you are available as a resource for them if they need a comment on current health issues. Give seminars and talks on health issues in your specialty.
  6. Make patient satisfaction and customer service a high priority. Happy customers will be your best advocates and are the most likely to spread the word about your practice. Most people choose their provider because a friend or family member referred them.
  7. Send a hand-written thank you note to each new patient that visits your practice, and to the doctor that referred them. Hand-written notes are a rarity in today’s technological age. This will stick out in their mind and ensure that you are remembered for that next visit, or by that referring physician when their next patient needs your expertise in the future.
  8. Keep track of patients’ birthdays and send them a “Happy Birthday” letter or e-mail. This is not only considered polite, but keeps patients engaged with your practice. It can also serve as a good benchmark to remind patients that it is time for their annual check-up or physical.
  9. Get involved in local medical associations. Major medical associations have branches in nearly every city across the country. Become active in these organizations not only to better the field and care, but to get your name out there in the professional community and be seen.
  10. Include a care package for your patients with all of the brochures from your ancillary services such as a pen with your practice name on it, or a refrigerator magnet business card.
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